About Bohemi theater group

Bohemi Theater Group has been formed by a group of students in the Faculty of Music and Drama Tehran University, in 2011. The group is an independent, freelance and none-benefited collective group based in Tehran. They are involving six artists ( Mona Ahmadi, Shima Arab, Nasrin Khorrami, Navid Fayaz, Shakiba Fadaee, and Fariborz Karimi) who are performers, theater makers, playwrights, and designers.

Bohemi theater group is doing three main activities:


The spirit of all works always comes from our concerns and issues. Personal concerns involve sociological problems, human relationships and political issues. Besides, we want to experience new forms and new spaces. Being alternative but increasing the Iranian audience’s taste and aesthetic is always one of our aims. However, we believe that international platforms are the most important thing for us to improve ourselves. Because of this, we always try to be a part of international festivals and residencies.

From 2011, we have done many works during their bachelor of University festivals in Iran. Between them, “Pinocchio”(2014) by Shima Arab and “The Public”(2013) have won prizes in the University International theater festivals of Iran. Additionally, “I can’t imagine tomorrow” (2015) has participated in some international festivals such as “ ITS theater festival Amsterdam”, “ITFoK festival Kerala”, “ACT festival Bilbao”. We continued our team works after the University in the professional theater zone of Iran and international festivals.

“The Northern Lands” (2019) by Shima Arab, “Spring Breakdown”(2019), “Daynid Inch”(2018), “The Escher Painting”(2018), “Medea”(2016) (performed in Bozar institute in Brussels in 2018) by Fariborz Karimi are works which have been on the stage in Tehran and international festivals for public recently.

2.Workshops are another section that we focus on to help students for improving their artistic vision and learn techniques. For this reason, we invite artists from all around the world to bring their experience here and organize workshops not only in Tehran but also in small cities in the country. We believe that learning and training together with international artists, make new sensation between new generations of theater makers in Iran.

  1. Theatricultural ExchangeResidency is a one-week residency with different topics that happens once a year Tehran. From 2017, every year we invite theater artists from all disciplines by an open call to come and bring ideas and share them about the topic of that year. Theatricultural Exchange Residency is an independent program without any fund and happens by the group of people volunteer.