I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow

(Available on Tour)

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A man and a woman. Both stuck in their everyday routine. The man is a school teacher and lives in an inn with a depressed and numb atmosphere. He stammers and this leads to his lack of self-confidence. The man visits the woman at her house every evening. They chat and drink coffee, and when the night comes, the man gets back to his room at the inn.

The woman has gotten used to this routine and everyday waits for the man to visit. But it seems like this evening, she has decided to do something new and fight this depressing routine. She wants to make the man find new friends and acquaintances for himself, but the man is satisfied with this situation and actually enjoys it. They are in love with each other but don’t tend to show it. This evening, this everyday routine has to change, but…

Cast and Credits

Written by Tennessee Williams

Concept & Direction Fariborz Karimi

With Shakiba Fadaee, Navid Fayaz

(Ava Darvishi, Mohammad Berahmani in ITFoK festival)

Composers: Sarah Bigdeli Shamloo, Nima Aghiani

Video Designer Pantea Armanfar

Costume Designer Nasrin Khorrami

Graphic Designer Parnaz Karimi

Special Thanks to Nima Tabrizi for the set consulting.