Theatricultural Exchange Residency

Culture has an unconscious and indirect effect on our work as an indicator that shapes our lives from childhood and helps us grow as an artist. In today’s world, much of this impact is shrouded by cyberspace and the internet, and “culture” has a semantically new dimension, the question now is whether it can be called “global common culture”?

But the influence and representation of the culture of each artist in his work, as part of his personality, is manifested. Perhaps this work will not be discovered by the audience, but could the initial idea of the idea be sought in the artist’s individual culture? Hence, in the upcoming program, called the “Theatricultural Exchange Residency”, we intend to talk about the reflection of the artist’s geographical and personal culture, as well as his/her impact on it.

International Teatricultural Exchange (international theatre/cultural exchange), is a platform in which the artists from any branch of theatre such as directing, acting, performance, dance, scenic design and so forth, can influence each other with their presence hence collaborate in the future.

This platform, managed by Fariborz Karimi, was founded in 2016 by Bohemi theater group and ever since they have held two international and independent residencies in Tehran. These residencies titled “Theatricultural residency”, were held in May (Ordibehesht) in 2017 and 2018, jointly by Rooberoo Mansion cultural institute  ( This platform’s activities are not by any means limited to residencies. International workshops in Tehran and other cities in Iran is another way this platform tries to bring artists from different cultural backgrounds together and surpasses barriers called borders (

The main purpose of this platform is to bust through cultural barriers and bring artists from Iran closer to their international fellow artists. In today’s world where there’s an interdicted picture of Iran broadcasted, we as theater artist believe that non-virtual relationship with other countries will result in tension reduction. The presence of the artist alongside us will cause peace, love, and beauty which are essential for an artist’s state of mind.


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5 – 15 May

Application Deadline:
31 March


5 – 12 May

Application Deadline:
31 March