Spring Breakdown

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There are four characters: The man and the woman and their minds.

Bahar means spring in Farsi. And also, is a female’s name. The character whose name is Bahar is trying to keep her memory in the mind of a man falling into the dark, deep layers of forgetfulness. The story begins with a phone call and ends with a phone call; in the meanwhile, the man loses his memory. The entire performance takes place in a foreign country (Odessa, Ukraine), but the man cannot remember where it is.
At the same time, the man accidentally meets Bahar,
a stranger who accepts to stay by his side and not let him get lost in the dark. Both know, however, that what is in between is not a cure, but a plan to delay the growth of a man’s illness.

Note by Director(PDF)

Cast and Credits

Text Mohammad Hossein Maaref
Direction Fariborz Karimi
Produced by Bohemi theater group

With Mona Ahmadi, Ehsan Bohlooli, Navid Fayaz, Parastoo Ghorbani

Composer Kasra Pashaei
Costumes Nasrin Khorrami
Light Design Abes Kholghi
Video design Arman Moghaddam
Photographer Goldis Namaziyan
Graphic Design Parnaz Karimi
Translation Mahsa Sheidani

Project Manager Samin Mohajerani
Director Assistant Soheila Sate’